In the tradition of the beloved Nerd Lunch podcast, Michael May, Rob Graham and a host of familiar (as well as some new) voices discuss a wide variety of topics from TV, movies, comics, games, and anything else they can think of.

Newest Episode:

2111, 2022

After Lunch 133 | Doctor Sleep

Christmas is a time for ghost stories. And though it may not be Christmas season for everyone yet, it's never too early for a [...]

Carlin Trammel from Nerd Lunch explores Tallahassee in this video series. Check out cool nerdy spots, great places to eat and exciting events in Florida’s capital city.

Watch the LATEST episode: Due to COVID-19, CT can’t visit, so he stays home and tries the new Register’s Meat Co and Tally Mac Shack Dirty Dog sausage.

Previous Episodes

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Beyond the podcast, check out occasional write-ups on various nerdy topics.

Beyond the podcast, check out occasional write-ups on various nerdy topics.

Podcast Archive

The sun has set on the podcasts below, but they are still available in this archive for your enjoyment.

Three nerds, each with #RealLifeProblems, don’t get to do the “nerdin’ out” they once did. But there’s always time to get together with the nerd buddies for a little lunch. Join CT, Jeeg, Pax and a rotating “Fourth Chair” guest as they discuss pop culture, junk food, and more.

Taking a wacky look at our wiki world…

Spinning off the “Down the Rabbit Hole” topic started on Nerd Lunch, “Nerd Lunch presents Down the Rabbit Hole” is a podcast where CT, Jeff Somogyi and Paxton Holley welcome a guest and they dive into various wiki sites and try to get from one page to the next using only their conversational skills. Full of laughs and surprises on a monthly basis.

When the Nerd Lunch Podcast crew is called off for a secret mission in space, Michael May leads the Fourth Chair Army into podcasting battle.

Featuring the show’s original (and only) host Corey Chapman, the revival will explore television, movies, music, technology, politics, and everything in between.