Founded July 30, 2007, Nerd Lunch was created as a means of allowing three buddies who would get together for “nerd lunch” to stay in touch after two of them moved away. Launched as a blog, articles would primarily be focused at the topics discussed during the lunchtime get togethers. In January of 2011, Carlin launched a short-lived video series. Videos continue to be a part of the site, but the main product offered launched in Fall of 2011. Under the banner of the now defunct “Atomic Geeks Podcasting Network,” Nerd Lunch launched a podcast.

Hosts CT, Jeeg and Paxton Holley (founder of the Cavalcade of Awesome blog) invite a rotating Fourth Chair guest to talk about movies, comic books, sci-fi, junk food and more.

After 300 weekly shows, the primary Nerd Lunch Podcast scaled back to twice monthly with additional shows filling in the gaps: Nerd Lunch presents Down the Rabbit Hole, Nerd Lunch presents The Chap Report and The Fourth Chair Army Invasion.

Nerd Lunch Cast

Carlin Trammel (CT)
Carlin Trammel (CT)Nerd Lunch Co-Founder
JeegNerd Lunch Co-Founder
Paxton Holley
Paxton HolleyNerd Lunch Podcast Co-Host
Jeff Somogyi
Jeff SomogyiDown the Rabbit Hole Co-Host
Corey Chapman
Corey ChapmanThe Chap Report
Michael May
Michael MayFourth Chair Army Invasion Host
PLeeNerd Lunch Co-Founder
Savannah Sullivan
Savannah SullivanNerd Lunch: The Web Series Co-Host

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