I fully admit that I am a nerd. In fact, I’ve been saying that since before it was cool to be nerdy or geeky. However, some of my interests take me off the beaten path of “nerdom” to subjects like pro-wrestling and soap operas. Others keep me from treading where other nerds dare. And one of those places I just won’t go is fan fiction.

CT and I have had conversations about this topic before, but I have thought about it recently due to some discussions of the DC Comics fan film, Grayson, that I ran across at Wrestlecrap (of all places). I’m not one of the resident comic book nerds on this site, so I had never heard of Grayson despite it making quite the splash a few years back. Normally I’d point out some of the hallmarks of fan fiction that are present in Grayson (bad dialogue, mish-mash narrative, etc.), but I can’t since it’s a trailer for a movie THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Can anybody explain the appeal of Grayson or fan fiction in general to me? Are there some examples I should check out that would make me a believer?