I have a theory that for RPG purposes, you can always get good results by crossing any other genre with the “martial arts tournament” genre. Some folks take a similar approach and mix Lovecraftian horror with any other genre, but for me, it’s all about that “Enter the Dragon” vibe.

And sometimes I take a good idea to far. And that brings us to “Enter the Hobo.”

My notion is to cross “O Brother Where Art Thou” with “Bloodsport”. In the depths of the Great Depression, tough guys fallen upon hard times travel the Mythic South fighting in illegal no-holds-barred bareknuckle brawls.

Aaaaand that’s about as far as I got with that idea. Except there’s a great Charles Bronson movie called “Hard Times” that’s on the same premise. Oh, and I thought there could be a mysterious figure who may or may not be the Devil. And I was gonna put together a really awesome soundtrack CD.