Prestige_poster I finally got around to seeing The Prestige a few weeks back. It came very highly recommended by CT and was also something my wife was interested in seeing, so I was especially excited for movie night. Though as I’ve mentioned in other reviews, my opinions as of late seem to be more affected by mood and energy level than I would like. So I’ll admit up front that some of my impressions may have been affected by starting the movie at 8:30 PM on a weeknight. As lame as it may be, that’s getting close to my bedtime, folks.


I found the storyline to be original and well crafted. The story twist and turns were entertaining and anything but trite. While the film was darker than my wife would have liked, I actually enjoyed the tale of obsession and vengeance. Unfortunately I did have some trouble following the stories at times, but I’ll attribute that to some presentation issues and my own inadequacies.


We’re steampunk fans around these parts and I felt The Prestige offered an excellent portrayal of a steampunk world. I knew very little about the movie going in, so the steampunk elements were a pleasant surprise. The performances from the main players were solid. I’ve come to expect good things from Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, but even David Bowie impressed me. My feeble mind would have appreciated some stronger indications that a scene was a flashback or journal entry.

Story score–

Presentation score–

I’m sure a bit would be lost by knowing the ending, but I’ll tack on the rewatchable walrus since I undoubtedly missed some things.