I love Predator. It offers a blend of action and sci-fi that reaches a level of awesome matched only by its cousin, Aliens. With that bias, it’s not too surprising that a Predator based scenario was on my to-do list when we were running d20 Modern one-shots several years back. As fate would have it, I never got around to running the Predator scenario, but I still remember how I was going to pull it off.

Arnold as Mjr. Dutch Schaeffer

The plan was to bill the adventure as a "normal" military setting. The player characters would comprise an elite special ops team sent on a rescue mission to find another missing unit. The mission description along with a few of the character names from the movie would have been the only initial clues given. With our group, I would have to be careful to preserve the reveal since our friend and gaming buddy, Dirty Dave, is also a huge Predator fan.

Just like the movie, the players would find that the first team had met an untimely demise and gradually discover signs that more is going on in the jungle than meets the eye. An initial combat encounter with rebels or banana republic soldiers would also be key to get the players into the flow and establish the characters as total badasses.

After that the real fun would begin as the Predator would start a set of increasingly aggressive encounters with the party. Depending on the number of players, my plan was to use one or two Predators from Michael Tresca’s Cazador de Trofoes campaign setting. Against a team of soldiers (advanced class) sporting a mix of heavy firepower, a Predator or two would have produced some entertaining chaos. Such chaos would likely result in several dead PCs, but there’s little downside to that in the one-shot format.

Admittedly the endgame would require a deft touch to do well, but I think either a final, to-the-death confrontation with the Predator or a narrow escape via helicopter could be a satisfying conclusion.