Another batch of customized action figures have gotten my attention. And again, these were made by the same guy who did the Victorian-era Justice League figures I referenced awhile back.

He’s produced a set of Steampunk-style Star Wars action figures. I think my personal favorite is the reinterpretation of C-3PO.

I like these mostly for the potential story they tell. I have to acknowledge that Star Wars probably played a large role in shaping the way I come up with stories. Not the movies, but the toys. There were several characters that had action figures but maybe only had two seconds of screen time. Yet, I would get the toys anyway. So characters like Walrusman, Hammerhead, Greedo, Dengar, IG-88, and Lobot would become more interesting than Luke, Han, and Leia because they weren’t bound by what was seen in the movies. These guys could have a whole series of adventures on my bedroom floor and none of it play into nor contradict the Star Wars canon.

I remember rewatching Star Wars when I was in high school after having not seen it for a long time. It was probably around the time they came out again for the first time. I wasn’t impressed. The movies didn’t live up to my memories of wacky adventures where Zuckuss and Snaggletooth would take on the Cloud Car pilot and R5-D5.

I eventually gained a huge respect for the first movie and what it was. I appreciate the attempt to tell a story in a style mimicking that of the 1930s serials. But the sequels and prequels don’t count in my mind. A while back, in a comment to a post that I can’t seem to find, fitz asked me what I consider to be the canon of “Star Wars.” For me, it’s just the first movie with the potential of what was to come or what preceded it being more entertaining than what was shown.

And that brings me back to these custom figures. Star Wars has always been about the potential for me. And looking at these Steampunk Star Wars guys, I have to say, they have potential.