Superman Returns Poster For no good reason, I decided to grab Superman Returns on a recent visit to the local library. I already knew that CT had no kind words for it and now I can partially comprehend why.


I appreciate the attempt to start off in the middle of something and avoid repeating the origin story, but the plot still started off very slowly. Luthor’s scheme for world domination was at least original, but the writers didn’t give even a hint of explanation as to how Lex knew what he did about Kryptonian crystals and meteorites. Everything, and I mean everything, about the Superman-Lois Lane relationship was weird and bad. George Lucas must have phoned in some ideas he had leftover from the Phantom Menace.


The special effects were very good, but not great. Some of the pure CGI scenes were very obvious on the high resolution of a computer monitor. The soundtrack was pretty good and I was glad they used the original theme by John Williams. The acting performances were nothing to write home about, even Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of Luthor was rather pedestrian. Faithful depictions of the characters or not (I’m not the one to know), I didn’t engage or empathize with any of the characters.

Story score–

Presentation score–

I definitely cannot give the rewatchable walrus. Heck, I didn’t even make it through my first viewing on normal speed. About halfway through I kicked WinDVD into time compression mode in order to get back 45 minutes of my life.