D&D 4th Edition will hit the shelves next week. I game so infrequently that I don’t know if or when I’ll make the switch and admittedly had not been paying much attention to the impending release. That being said, I realize it’s a significant event amongst the RPGers still out there and I’ve been become more curious as the release date approaches.

As I read about some of the changes, I was reminded of this teaser video that Wizards put out last summer. I’m no Harvard Business grad, but we nerds are definitely a special breed when an effective marketing pitch goes something like "here comes a new version of a product which will probably be broken in many ways like it’s predecessors, but that you’ll buy and love anyway".

There are some hilariously true segments in the video. I remember explaining THAC0 over and over and over again to the casual members of our 2nd Edition gaming group. And don’t get me started on grappling. Jesse, wherever you are, I hope you feel some remorse about putting us through that misery on a weekly basis.

Anyhow, let’s put those past grievances aside and talk some 4th Edition. Are you making the jump? Why or why not? What are you looking forward to? What seems like questionable design?