“Quality Is Our Recipe.”

Sure, for the most part, I’ve agreed that Wendy’s had long been one of the best fast food/quick service places for a long time. So much so that I didn’t mind working there for a time while in college.* And even after I worked there, I would still eat at Wendy’s. But ever since the passing of Dave Thomas, I feel like Wendy’s has lost it’s way a bit. So these days, it takes a lot to actually convince me to go.

Well, when I saw they had new Frosty Shakes, I knew I had to try these. From what I can determine, a Frosty Shake is Frosty + additional flavor + mixing…then, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Since a Frosty is already very much like a thick milkshake, the “Frosty Shake” is like a genetically engineered Super-Frosty. It’s a Frosty, but it’s “on the jazz.”

On a hot summer day in Florida, a milkshake sounded good. And apparently four of my co-workers thought so as well. So, I made a Frosty Shake run and I was impressed. I got the chocolate, but was able to sample the strawberry due to the inability of the Wendy’s server to keep the shake in the cups. By simply carrying the cups, I got Frosty Shake all over my hand. Usually that would annoy me, but today I didn’t mind.

It was still spoon-usin’ thick like a regular Frosty is…even after driving back to work. The Frosty flavor was there, but it was infused with even more flavor. Wonderful way to spruce up an old favorite.

They have three flavors…Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Bean, and Strawberry. Though I wasn’t too impressed with the regular Vanilla Frosty, I’m anxious to try the Vanilla Bean next time.

Wendy’s really has tried to expand on this Classic Dairy Dessert in recent years and now offer an additional flavor (vanilla), a float, and a Twisted Frosty. While I still value just the simplicity of a normal, regular chocolate Frosty, the Frosty Shake is a great alternative to jazz things up.

* There are great perks to working at Wendy’s. I won’t go into all of them now, but one perk was being able to drink the Frosty mix before it had been turned into a Frosty. It’s an incredibly thick, sweet, creamy chocolate milk-type drink. The version of it before it has been frozen is phenomenal.