Yard bird - Southern style

McDonald’s newest additions to their national menu are a pair of "southern style" chicken sandwiches which had previously only been offered regionally: a biscuit for breakfast and a dinner/lunch sandwich. As I’ve mentioned before, McDonald’s is not my favorite fast food joint, but some free sandwich coupons from our friends at Amazon were enough to lure me in. Touché, Ronald, your ploy worked.

I’ve never lived in the South, but apparently "southern style" is a euphemism for plain. My dinner sandwich consisted of the bun, a hunk of chicken, two pickle slices, and nothing more. From the marketing materials, the breakfast sandwich appears even more basic: a piece chicken on a biscuit. McDonald’s is touting the sandwiches as so perfect in simplicity that no adornment is needed. I’ll give them credit, the chicken was very tender and juicy as advertised. The seasoning was surprisingly reserved and nothing like the MSG overkill that I was expecting (I’m looking at you KFC).

Despite the positives, this Northern boy needs some of those aforementioned adornments. I’d suggest adding mayo and lettuce, but that would turn this sandwich into a $3.50 variant of the Dollar Value Menu McChicken. All in all not a bad sandwich, but not something worth passing over a Big Mac for.