Jeeg gave a little insight a while back into how he watches some of his TV. I have been appointment television-free for a couple years now. Once DVDs hit it big, soon after came the advent of season sets of television shows. I’m a huge TV boxed set junkie and have watched hours and hours of TV this way.

There are several advantages to this. The first and most obvious one is no commercials. Definitely a time-saver there. Second, you can pause the show. So, if your kid starts crying in the middle of a show, click pause and then get back to your show later. Granted, both of these things are covered with DVR these days. But I like so many serialized shows that I like watching my shows is large chunks rather than a week at a time over the course of nine months.

The disadvantage with this is that I’m one of the few who seem to go about watching TV this way. So, when I choose to watch shows that are still currently airing, I have to…no…get to be rude to people and tell them to stop talking because I’m a year or more behind.

My wife and I recently started a season three viewing spree that ended last night. Here are some thoughts to begin some discussion if anyone’s up for it. Although, please keep your discussion limited to season three or before, or give spoiler warnings.

Battlestar Galactica
This season began meandering a bit for me and knowing that the show will be wrapping up in season four makes me happy. Beginning with a great story arc out of the gate, there were several filler episodes this season. I enjoyed watching them all to some degree, but some just felt flat. Carl Lumbly’s episode was a let down. The episode with Adama spending the day with the memory of his ex-wife seemed too much like Baltar and Number Six.

Speaking of which, the bumbling Baltar who was so easy to love in the first couple seasons makes a huge transition here. It was bound to happen, but I miss the old Baltar. On the flipside, I found Col. Tigh to be a character I had no use for in the first two seasons, but salty, bearded Tigh from the occupation was great and I liked how he transitioned back into his role on Galactica.

Some editing caused truncated exposition so some storylines were hard to follow at first. Helo was in charge of some refugees, but it’s never really explained all that clearly who they are. Helo was a character they seem to have no idea what to do with, but I really like him regardless. When he stood up to Adama, I found myself rooting for him. I see him as the most together guy on the whole crew. (Looking forward to seeing him in Joss Whedon’s new show.)

The show ended on a huge cliffhanger and I’m not sure what I think about it. At this point, it all seems far-fetched, but I’m definitely looking forward to the DVDs for season four so I can get some answers.

I can’t imagine watching this show weekly. I would probably not have lasted past the first year. But in season chunks, I get so much enjoyment out of it. The show is intricately put together. When it started, I doubted that there was a plan in place for where the show was going. But now, I believe there to be one as they finally answer questions and put huge pieces of the whole puzzle together. Granted, each answer just opens up more questions to be answered later. But now, I don’t mind so much because we’re not stockpiling so many questions anymore.

I felt there was a drop in quality during season two. So much so that I wasn’t all that excited about watching season three. But about two episodes in, I was glad I had started. The introduction of The Others as main characters proved quite interesting and characters we’ve been following grew in new ways over the course of season three.

The big thing that I absolutely loved over the course of the season was the Damon/Charlie subplot. I loved Damon and the introduction of an old sci-fi standby that rooted this show deeper in genre television than before. My biggest disappointment has been the character of John Locke who I felt was such a great character at the start, but has been torn down piece by piece into someone I’m almost embarrassed to watch.

Doctor Who
Quite possibly the most fun I’ve had watching TV in a while comes from Doctor Who. Though I have watched various episodes of the Classic Doctor Who and appreciate it for its place in sci-fi culture, I have not typically enjoyed the show. When they brought the show back a few years ago, they took everything about Classic Who that didn’t work out and filled it in with things that do work. It seems to ape a style reminiscent of Buffy and capitalizes on not only the sci-fi elements of the original, but the horror and humor as well. David Tennant is fun as The Doctor and quite possibly ranks as my favorite of all time.

Season Three’s major arc was the return of an old villain known as The Master. The Master is a rival Time Lord and originally conceived as a Moriarty to The Doctor’s Sherlock Holmes. It was great to see the return handled in such a way that didn’t require any real previous knowledge of the character. Everything you need to know was given to you within the show.

This season also saw The Doctor take on a new companion in Martha Jones. She proves herself quite capable and avoids the Lazenby Effect that could have occurred in being Rose’s (Season 1 & 2 companion) replacement.

All in all, some great TV viewing over the past few weeks.