In the comments section of Jeeg’s chicken post, Fitz pointed out that we’ve overlooked a major nerd event here lately. Indiana Jones returned in his fourth movie adventure. I am a fan of the first and third movies and enjoyed the Young Indy shows for the most part. For some reason, the new movie doesn’t entice me.

Maybe it’s Harrison Ford’s age, but as a fan of the Star Trek movies where the cast had aged considerably throughout the series, I don’t think that’s it. Maybe it’s Shia. I liked him in Even Stevens and thought he was fine in Transformers, but I don’t see him being a suitable successor to Indy. Mostly, I think it’s George Lucas. Having seen what Lucas did with the Star Wars prequels, I just can’t get on the jazz about anything he touches.

I imagine I’ll see it at some point, but quite frankly, I just don’t see a need for another Indy movie in my life. Others have different opinions so Fitz, this post is for you and for any others who want to comment on the movie.