Bond: Roger Moore – 1 tusk
While he’s found his groove by this point, Moore has reached the point of being too old to play Bond. His scenes with Bibi creep me out and his scenes with Melina kind of do, too.

Girl: Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock – 1 tusk
I’m kind of torn on her. I almost think she was a cooler Bond girl before she became a formal ally of Bond’s. Once she and Bond are together, she loses her edge.

Gadgets: Several – 1 tusk
Heavy on the gadgets, but a step towards the more realistic after Moonraker. The mini-sub is probably the biggest “gadget” of the movie.

Opening Theme: “For Your Eyes Only” performed by Sheena Easton – 1 tusk
Another light rock song which now seems to be what defines a Roger Moore Bond movie, however, Sheena Easton turns in something better than Moonraker, but not quite as good as “Nobody Does It Better.”

Villain: Julian Glover as Aristotle Kristatos – 1 tusk
Sort of a forgettable villain. Not bad, but nothing special. He was out-shined by Topol as Milos Columbo who could have been the villain but instead played a fun ally.

Henchman: John Wyman as Erich Kriegler – 1 tusk
A pleasant change of pace from the “super henchmen,” but much like the main villain, he doesn’t wind up standing out as anyone special either.

Pre-title opening sequence – 2 tusks
I guess because it happens so rarely, I love it when a Bond movie references a past adventure. And up until Moonraker, there had been no greater mistake in the Bond franchise except that of ignoring Tracy Bond and her impact on 007 in subsequent movies. Finally, five films later, we see that Bond is still grieving Tracy. That was a nice backdrop for the return of Blofeld (albeit unnamed). Finally, Blofeld meets his end. Well, we assume he does anyway. This sequence may be my favorite scene in a Roger Moore film ever and almost makes the movie.

How do you follow Moonraker? Well, I guess you admit you’ve reached the top and you cycle back down to your roots. This plot seems like an amalgam of the Connery movies and purposely so. Although, not as strong as one of the first four Bond films, this has elements of all four and winds up being on of the best entries in the Roger Moore era. Although, I would have dropped the subplot with the ice skater.

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