Bond: Roger Moore – 0 tusks
While I think that Moore should have bowed out with the last one, a new Bond, particularly what I saw of James Brolin in the bonus features, could not have gone up against Sean Connery in the then-upcoming Never Say Never Again. That said, a Tarzan yell and an awful clown scene takes away any tusks Moore might have earned.

Girl: Maud Adams as Octopussy – 1 tusk
Maud Adams is fine, but the character is no where near as interesting as the character she played in The Man with the Golden Gun.

Gadgets: Several – 1 tusk
Nothing horribly outlandish.

Opening Theme: “All Time High” performed by Rita Coolidge – 1 tusk
Another typical “lite rock” song. This one is catchy and a little more uptempo than the previous two.

Villain: Louis Jourdan as Kamal Khan – 0 tusks
A fairly bland villain who is so weak that he makes Bond look bad by being the villain.

Henchman: Kabir Bedi as Gobinda – 0 tusks
I got real tired of this guy. Nothing especially fun about him like there has been with so many henchman before.

Pre-title opening sequence – 1 tusk
Eh…it was fine.

As a whole, this movie was largely forgettable and really doesn’t add anything to the franchise. It’s so formulaic by this point that nothing but Roger Moore dressing up like a clown stands out in this movie. There seems to be an attempt to make the plot intriguing by putting in some forced twists and turns, but all it does is make the plot waters murky.

Sorry this isn’t much of a review. But Octopussy wasn’t much of a movie.

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