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Revisting The A-Team Remake

According to Dark Horizons, John Singleton has left The A-Team movie project and the movie has been pushed back to work more on the script. Excellent move Fox. I read that script review and it was awful. And John Singleton as director? I saw 2 Fast, 2 Furious. It wasn’t good.

According to our stats, one of the most visited posts on this blog continues to be my Signing the Cast: A-Team Remake Movie post. I still stand by that cast, but maybe it’s time to come to the realization that I’m not going to be the one directing this movie so here are suggestions for some folks behind the camera.

Obviously, I would want Stephen J. Cannell to have a hand in the movie. Although he seems down on his own creation at times (couldn’t find a link to the Craig Ferguson interview where he talks bad about it, but it’s out there), I would want his blessing, some notes, and a big screen version of this at the end.

This is probably wishful thinking, but I want Paul Haggis to write the first draft of this script. In Crash he showed the ability to deal with many characters and give each character a moment to shine. He’s written about wars (Flags of Our Fathers and Letters to Iwo Jima) and written about guys coming home after serving in a war (In the Valley of Elah). He can do the high action writing as proven with Casino Royale and hopefully with Quantum of Solace. (Also had a hand in creating Walker, Texas Ranger if that means anything.)

I’d like to run the script through Rob Thomas and get him to put some character bits in it. Rob Thomas’ resume may not look super impressive, but Veronica Mars alone gets him this gig from me. No character on TV has had a jazz worthy of John “Hannibal” Smith quite like Veronica Mars has. Don’t make enemies with Veronica, she’ll get revenge/justice in a way that would rival The A-Team. It’s this sensibility that I love about both shows. A champion for the underdog who does what it takes to right wrongs while making a little cash on the side.

Picking a director is hard. I feel like that if the script is solid, then really any decent director can come in and do it. I’m going to go with Doug Liman for now (Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) but I’m open to other suggestions. I really enjoyed The Italian Job and it has an A-Team feel so maybe F. Gary Gray. Although, the rest of his resume isn’t all that impressive.

Finally, the guy I want scoring this is Alan Silvestri. He’s got an amazing resume. I’d want him to borrow heavily from the original score, (particularly the theme and track 2, “Young Hannibal”) but still come up with a new sound for the new movie.

With my previously chosen cast and this crew, I think I could not be involved in the creation of an A-Team remake movie and still be able to bring myself to watch it, maybe even get excited about it and not worry about it being messed up. I love The A-Team and really could get excited about a remake movie, but in the end, I’d rather have no A-Team movie than a bad one.

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  1. CT February 23, 2017 at 4:00 am - Reply

    Was just revisiting old posts and came across this one. I enjoy re-reading my trepidation about the A-Team movie which I thought turned out great. In reading this post, the only thing that I suggested that did actually happen was Silvestri doing the score. And that was probably the weakest part about the movie.


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