I mentioned Poobala’s Crossovers & Spin Offs site in a 2007 post about some of my favorite TV crossovers. Allow me to restate how fantastic this site is. Sure, the web design aesthetic is straight out of the year 1997, but the content cannot be topped. Take this little example.

My wife’s latest guilty pleasure from the local library is the Charlie’s Angels DVDs. I can be easily talked in to watching 50 minutes of Jaclyn Smith, so I’ve come along for the ride on a few episodes as well. I was especially intrigued by a special episode which took the Angels to Las Vegas to help guest star Dean Martin.

What could be better than Dean Martin putting the moves on Kate Jackson? How about Bosley making repeated references to a fellow investigator, Dan Tanna, whom the Angels just have to meet? Could a Charlie’s Angels/Vega$ crossover be in store? A quick trip to Poobala.com confirmed that indeed it was.

Disappointingly, the above minute of video includes the entirety of Robert Urich’s participation in a two part episode. Cue the horn.

However, my visit to Poobala revealed that I also have an Angels/Love Boat crossover to look forward to. And I have high hopes for that.