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The guy who owned the last company I worked for also did a lot of real estate stuff. While cleaning one of his properties, he found a copy of the funnies from Champaign-Urbana, IL’s local paper, The News-Gazette, that dated all the way back to March 29, 1936.

He knew I was into comics and gave me the paper. I took them, but really didn’t do anything with it except secure it in some mylar and acid-free cardboard. It got boxed up and moved three times since then and I had forgotten about it. Rediscovered the paper yesterday during some organizing. Decided it would be worth taking some pictures. Read all the strips. Turns out the funnies weren’t all that funny back in 1936 either.

Figured some folks who frequent the blog might get a kick out of the pics. I set up a gallery on Picasa. You should be able to zoom in and read everything, too.

For as cool as this is, I’d still love to find a buyer who’d really appreciate this. If you know anyone, send them my way.

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