This movie was like real sugary candy. As I begin eating it, I’m enjoying it. Then I start to have a bit too much. After I’m done, it fades away and I’m a weird combination of sick and ready for something more substantial.

Really though, for what it was, it was fine. Even a little fun at times. The plot is thin and predictable. Of course, based on its source material, I wouldn’t expect anything else. My only major complaint is that the movie runs a little long. It could have been trimmed by about a half and hour and nothing major would had to have been cut.

The main reason I got this movie from Netflix was for the visuals in the movie. The Wachowski brothers adapted various anime styles into live action with The Matrix. What followed was the most imitated style in action movies for years. I was curious to see what they would do with this movie.

It was visual overload, but from a technical viewpoint, it was astounding. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. Although, that doesn’t mean I want to see it again in this movie or any other movie. It was a fun experiment and creatively, I believe it succeeded even if it failed commercially.

The acting was strong despite what had to be massive amounts of green/blue screen time. From what little I know of the cartoon, the parts were well cast and spot on.

In the end, imagine the pod race scene from Star Wars Episode One turned up to eleven. Then watch that scene while tie dying it (so it’s spinning and has got all kinds of crazy colors). That’s what this movie is, but with better acting.