…they just morph into parodies of themselves.

Sadly we know that isn’t entirely true (RIP, Bones and Scotty), but I may have spotted a trend.

My wife recently picked up the next to last season of the BBC’s feel good drama, Monarch of the Glen. As we were watching the antics of the MacDonald clan, who should stroll in as new character but the 4th Doctor himself, Tom Baker. He plays the protagonist’s uncle who, in his very puffy senior years, returns to the family estate after a life of cavorting around the world.

He’s melodramatic, shameless, and seemingly self absorbed in ways that are along the lines of a genteel version of The Shat’s recent claim to fame.

Baker ends up being one of the more enjoyable parts of a show which is clearly past its prime and I was glad to have something more recent to replace the memory of Tom Baker: Elven Healer in the awful Dungeons & Dragons movie.