As CT previously discussed, we love the Whopper. The original is so well crafted that I never order it with cheese and I typically avoid specialty versions like the Western Whopper. But BK’s recent marketing push worked on me and I saddled up for an Angry Whopper. Honestly, how could anyone pass up a sammich billed as “angry”?

Angry!The King apparently has decreed angry to mean spicy, so the sammich comes equipped with pepper jack cheese, jalapeños, hot sauce, and breaded onions. With that lineup of toppings I expected the thing to be burning a hole in my stomach all afternoon, and it did. Thank goodness for R-O-L-A-I-D-S.

Going down, however, the burger was surprisingly mild. It had some kick, but the Angry Whopper was nowhere near as fiery as the Steak n Shake Pepperjack Melt or White Castle jalapeño sliders. That was fine by me, but connoisseurs of hot stuff may be disappointed.

All in all, the Angry Whopper is a pretty good burger. Unfortunately for BK, I still wouldn’t choose it over the original. The King has set the bar high enough that even he has trouble clearing it.