It's a football!It’s Big Game Sunday. You know, the Big Game that I can’t mention by name without paying a license fee to Pete Rozelle or Napoleon or somebody.

Now I’m not a huge (or hugh, if you prefer) sports fan, but I enjoy having something inconsequential to pay attention to. Heck, some sports-talk radio, like the Boers & Bernstein show out of Chicago, is genuinely entertaining. So normally I would tune in to the Big Game, but I don’t find this year’s matchup very interesting. And since I didn’t receive a Big Game party invitation this year, I don’t have much motivation to watch the game today. Instead I’ll probably play a little Bionic Commando Rearmed, work on the family budget, and visit a car wash while everyone is glued to the game.

How about it, fellow nerds?  How are you spending your sensational Sunday?