That big basketball tournament thing is starting tonight and it may be bad, I don’t really know. As a traditional nerd I have minimal interest in sports, though I do take in quite a bit of sports media just to give me a distraction and something unimportant to discuss around the water cooler (instead politics, religion, the economy, or foreign affairs). I find that real world events which actually matter often get me or others too agitated for everyone’s good. Sports are a great antidote for that situation, since they are of absolutely no consequence.

Anyhow, my favorite sports media outlet is an afternoon drive sportstalk show in Chicago, the Boers & Bernstein Show. The show is intelligent, irreverent, and light years beyond the meatheads and sycophants normally found on sportstalk radio. Fully in the vein of irreverence, the 2nd Annual B&B Tournament of Bad was rolled out on Monday. What a play-in gameIt’s a 65 entity tournament of some of the worst things around as chosen by the Boers, Bernstein, and the show’s two producers, Jason Goff and Matt Abbatacola. There are some entries that may not resonate outside of the Chicago sphere of influence, but there were some hilarious first round matchups.  I particularly enjoyed:

The first round is over and I’m sad to say my sleeper pick, Oversized Sunglasses, has already been ousted. I guess my bracket will now have to ride the surefire bet, Jim Belushi.

The match ups continue on March 23rd. Details on how to text in votes will be given on the show and you can follow the along at the Tournament of Bad page.