I cannot believe we’ve ran this blog for over a year and half and not done a post about caffeine. All three of your proprietors are moderately caffeinated on most days and it’s a good bet that at least one of us is running at unhealthy levels in any given week.

I’m cheap/poor, so I mostly brew my joe at home. I do enjoy the coffeehouse experience, but with rising prices and shrinking sizes it’s become harder and harder to feel like I get my money’s worth, especially from the mermaid. McDonald’s jumped on that trend a couple summers ago with their Premium Brewed Coffee and Iced Coffee drinks. A big tub of not-so-good coffee for under $2? Yep, I can get behind that.

mmmmm... coffeeMcD’s has now begun their full assault on the mermaid’s more upscale territory. Over the last several months, many stores have added McCafe bars offering more froo-froo coffee drinks. I recently needed a caffeine jolt while traveling and picked up a McCafe Iced Mocha along the way.

The staff seemed a bit perplexed about how to make my drink, but it turned out OK. It was not endorphin producing like an all time favorite (I’m looking at you, Caribou), but enjoyable enough. My only reservation is that the pricing for the McCafe menu is more like the mermaid than it is the $2 bucket of joe. So thanks, McD’s, for bring some competition to coffee, just don’t forget that cheap is one of the reasons we all come to McDonald’s.