Back in college, CT and I probably took years off each other’s lives by playing games of eating one-upmanship. So when CT threw down the double meat gauntlet, I knew that I would have to try it too. Since CT thought that cheap eats would make the best starter material, I decided to try building a double meat slyder at my local White Castle.

I decided to pair up a regular slyder and a chicken breast sandwich. I added a dollop of mayo since White Castle sandwiches come without condiments.

Assembling a double meat slyder

Per CT’s instructions, I used the extra buns to make a carb laden French fry sandwich. The fry sandwich ended up being mighty dry and warranting two packets of condiments.

Too much carbs

There’s some definite double meat potential here. However, the single slyder patty was overpowered by the chicken and I would recommend starting with a double cheeseburger slider and adding the chicken to that. I had no complaints, as you can see from the aftermath.

Seconds anyone?


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