Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a fantasy RPG nerd’s idea of dinner theatre. Instead of fettuccine alfredo and a performance of Five Guys Named Moe, you get a roasted meats and sides to eat with your bare hands, a cardboard crown, and an arena filled with jousting and sword fighting. How great is that?

It's Medieval!The meal is satisfying in that “pile of protein and carbs” sort of way, but it is far from gourmet. The show is clearly what you’re paying for. Upon entry to the castle, you are assigned one of eight knights to cheer for in the tournament. The knights compete in a variety of events interspersed with demonstrations of horsemanship and culminating in a fight against an evil knight to save the kingdom. The play fighting ranges from cheesy to quite good, but the horsemanship is fantastic; akin to what you might see at a Lipizzaner stallions show.

And if you’re looking for a more traditional nerd store experience, the Hall of Arms outside the main arena offers an assortment of weaponry, dragon figurines, wizard snow globes, and other tchotchkes. You could easily spend a fortune on swag alone. That would be on top of the fortune that tickets cost, but as a special event Medieval Times is worth the trip.