A couple months back I followed CT into the realm of HDTV. I ended up with a Samsung 6 series LCD TV. It’s a great TV, but it has one feature that is half-baked: the Internet@TV widgets.


The basic premise is that you can press a button on the remote and bring up a range of Internet content through the same Yahoo! widgets that are available on a PC. Not a bad idea on paper, but I’m don’t think the developers or the designers of my TV thought this all the way through.

  1. My TV doesn’t have a 3 GHz CPU under the hood, so a tricked out interface means that navigating between onscreen items can take 3-5 seconds. Not fun.
  2. My TV doesn’t have a keyboard, so entering a YouTube search or a 140 character tweet using the laggy onscreen interface is excruciating.
  3. There isn’t a general web browser widget, so I can’t view any links in tweets, news stories, or YouTube data.

It’s a decent enough attempt by the folks at Yahoo! and Samsung. Though as CT likes say to say about movie scripts, “it’s a rewrite away”.