Note from Jeeg: The granddaddy of all role playing conventions, Gen Con, took place a couple weeks back. Our nerd buddy, Dirty Dave (or “The Dave” as CT and I like to call him), made the trip to Indy and filed this first ever Nerd Lunch correspondent’s report.

This was my second year consecutively to attend Gen Con in Indianapolis. I have overheard people both years stating that “this year is smaller”, but it definitely seemed a large affair to me. The exhibitor’s hall was packed with all things fantastic, including demos of games like Monsterpocalypse and Arcane Legions, lots of great artists, craftsmen/craftswomen, and musicians as well as almost any book, T-shirt, game or related item you can think of. I took note that Fantasy Flight Games had a very strong presence this year. They were heavily marketing descent along with several middle earth based board games as well as Call of Cthulhu.

Inside Exhibit Hall

The gaming was in full force including live action and table top role playing, board games, card games, video games and miniature warfare to name a few. I personally partook in two sessions of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and attempted to play Darwin’s World (a role playing game set in a post apocalyptic world similar to Fallout). The only other person who showed up for my 10 AM Darwin’s World session was creator and gamemaster Chris Davis. If you are going to Gen Con and want to try something new I recommend Darwin’s World, just make sure that you show up so I get to play.

I made it to the infamous costume contest for the first time this year. There are always lots of interesting, creative and revealing costumes with something for Ice Elemental (Jeeg cropped out the ogler)everyone. The contest was a bit long for my taste as we were in line at 3:20 PM and didn’t get out of the show until around 6 PM, but it was very impressive to see some of the best costumes of the con. The winner of best in show, by audience approval, was the Ice Elemental.

There were also many costumed individuals wandering the convention, both paid and unpaid I suspect, and many that caught the eye with such variety as Chewbacca (obviously on drywall stilts), Red Sonya (in a chainmail bikini), and many many anime characters.

Since I was visiting Indianapolis with my good friend and last year’s Call of Cthulhu collectable card game world champion Scott Ferguson, I also spent some time in the card game arena.  It was massive, crowded, and I believe it ran around the clock. Magic the Gathering had a very strong presence, but there were lots of different games available for demo or competition.

That’s my take on this year’s convention. I had a great time and I plan to make it an annual event. For anyone who hasn’t gone the Indiana Convention Center is huge and it is full of gamers and games as well as all of the attached hotels. It is something to see at least once if you are a gamer of any kind.

— Dirty Dave