mcdonald-angus I was out and about for lunch earlier this week and decided to try one of the new Angus Third Pounders at McDonald’s. As I mentioned in my post about McCafe coffee, I consider cheap prices to be one of McDonald’s cardinal virtues. A $4 premium burger doesn’t meet that criterion, but I’m a sucker for new fast food experiences.

The angus burgers are available in three varieties: Deluxe, Mushroom and Swiss, and Bacon and Cheese. I opted for the Deluxe (pictured above), which is topped much like a fully loaded Culver’s ButterBurger or Wendy’s Single. The beef patty definitely lives up to the size billing and seems to be a bit higher quality than other menu items, but it still tastes like a McD’s burger. That’s not a plus for me, but your mileage may vary. The toppings, on the other hand, are a cut above McD’s usual fare. And kudos to whoever prepared my sandwich for not drowning it in ketchup as is usually the case with McD cheeseburgers or Quarter Pounders.

All in all, the Angus Deluxe is a tasty burger (™ Jules Winfield). Not exquisite, but tasty. However, price is an issue. My “value” meal weighed in at $6.83 which places it in the same territory as a meal from Culver’s or Portillo’s. Unfortunately for McDonald’s, those are matchups they just can’t win.