Back in October of last year (has it been that long?), Jeeg posted about a little thing he called “The Mount Everest of Condiments.” As a fan of both mayonnaise and bacon, I searched high and low for this amazing concoction for months. I began following the company on Twitter and tried to win some through a few of their contests. I always failed to beat other lovers of this fine product.

Finally, one of the folks I follow on Twitter mentioned seeing this at one of the local Publix grocery stores. Soon thereafter, I made my way to a Publix and there it was, BACONNAISE!

Sadly, it was the end of the month and none of the something like $20 we had left to spend on groceries could be allocated towards purchasing this $4.99 condiment. Then came payday followed by International Bacon Day. It seemed there was no better time to pull the trigger on climbing this mountain.

So yesterday, I went back to Publix and grabbed a jar and have since tried Baconnaise on a few things. Here are my thoughts:

Baconnaise itself is thick and creamy. The flavor is smoky and definitely tastes like bacon. I know that it is not filled with real bacon as this product is okay for vegetarians, but it could have fooled me.

On occasion I enjoy some raw broccoli but not without some sort of dip. Usually I opt for ranch dressing, but not last night. Last night I had something that could make pimento cheese spread palatable. Well, maybe not that. Baconnaise is the perfect dipping sauce for broccoli. As this was my first experience with the Baconnaise, I felt bad at first about wasting it on broccoli, but the broccoli was so good, I almost wanted to get more.

I decided that I really needed to try the Baconnaise on its own. I didn’t want any competing flavors but I hadn’t yet taken to getting a spoon out and eating the stuff straight out of the jar. We had some Wheat Thins on hand and this seemed like a fairly neutral way to get the flavor of Baconnaise. There are other fairly neutral things like potato chips or pretzels that would be worth using as a vehicle to eat Baconnaise.

To me this seemed like a natural thing to do, although I’ve gotten a bit of backlash for trying it. And that’s fine. If no one else wants to do this, that leaves more Baconnaise-topped bacon for me. It was absolutely delightful. My only regret is that I didn’t have some real bacon bits to sprinkle on this. Maybe next time.

Hamburger and French Fries
It was with the hamburger that I ran into my first real problem. The taste of the thick and juicy burger was actually drowning out the Baconnaise flavor. I had not put enough Baconnaise on my sandwich. Solution: dip that burger into the Baconnaise meant for the fries then scoop out more Baconnaise for the fries. Problem solved.

As for the fries, I’m a guy who likes mayo on my fries so imagine the sheer delight of a mayo with smoky bacon flavoring on these fries. Unlike the burger, the fries did not need to be drowned in the Baconnaise to get the flavor.

This stuff is great and I’m glad that I didn’t have months of anticipation blow up in my face. It was better than I had expected and I was expecting something great. I hope the guys at J&D are successful with this (along with the other product of theirs I want to try, Baconsalt) and I look forward to the day I can walk into any sandwich establishment and ask for a few Baconnaise packets and add this stuff to virtually anything I eat.

Happy International Bacon Day, everyone!