witch_mountain_posterFINALLY, The Rock has come back to Nerd Lunch! Actually, it’s only been a few months since the last time we discussed The Rock, but what can I say, I’m a complete mark for the guy (see Exhibit A or Exhibit B or Exhibit C).

That being the case, you can pretty much guarantee I’m gong to see anything starring Dwayne Johnson. Even the Disney label will not deter me, so Race to Witch Mountain recently made the cut for movie night.


This is a reimaging of Escape to Witch Mountain, but I’ve never seen the original despite it being out longer than I’ve been alive. My apologies to the twelve readers, but I can’t make any comparisons for you.

The basic premise is that two odd kids (spoiler alert: they’re aliens) end up in The Rock’s cab and ask for a ride to the middle of the desert. The Rock quickly finds out that he’s in for more than a simple fare and has to out maneuver government agents, evil alien bounty hunters, and mobsters.

To the movie’s credit, little time is wasted getting to the action. There are a few groan worthy moments especially with the environmental message, but the plot does enough to hold everything together.


The performances are solid all around. The Rock has ample opportunity to do his shtick, though he does not ham it up like he did in The Game Plan or The Rundown. Carla Gugino is an able adult sidekick, though not the most believable scientist. The two kids are tolerable, but as aliens don’t have to show much.

One disappointment is the special effects. On the HD, the standard definition effects look pretty bad in spots. I guess you need to spend $150 million dollars to get the top shelf effects these days.







I’d watch The Rock read the phonebook, but if I’m going to free up a couple hours I’d rather spend it re-watching The Rundown or Walking Tall.