For some reason I feel compelled to do obits, but PLee summed it up best during our e-mail reminiscing about The Equalizer today.

It was awesome. My sophomore year of college, we would stay up until midnight to watch the reruns on A&E. It was achingly 80s. Johnny from Cobra-Kai Karate played his wussy son, Stewart Copeland from the Police did an all-synth soundtrack.

Particularly great:  a two-parter when McCall went missing, and his son had to round up an E-Team of guest stars to rescue him, led by Robert F—— Mitchum.

Also, the one with the crimelord who was a self-styled samurai. McCall introduced him to an Okinawan chain weapon used to bitch up guys with samurai swords.

This would be an awesome franchise for Patrick Stewart or Terrance Stamp to revive.


Woodward actually popped up in a few other areas of nerd interest (Hot Fuzz, La Femme Nikita, Crusade, 1990), but he’ll always be The Equalizer to this child of the 80s. Farewell, Mr. Woodward.