If only more people knew about this episode.


So I click on the link, read the article. I wonder if the same actor played Manimal in Nightman. So I look him up on IMDb. Simon MacCorkindale played Manimal in “Manimal” and Manimal in “Nightman.”

As I’m looking through his list of other work, I notice that he played Gaylord Duke in an episode of Dukes of Hazzard. Well, I then had to figure out what that was about. I look up a Dukes episode guide. Here’s what I find:

Gaylord Duke, the Dukes’ cousin from London, England comes to Hazzard to claim a property that was willed to him, but the property has back taxes owed on it, which Boss Hogg is planning to buy for nothing at an auction.

But that’s not even the interesting part. I then read this:

Ernie W. Brown (who guest stared in the pilot) appears as Cooter’s cousin L.B., the second replacement of Ben Jones’ boycott. This was the first episode produced after Ben Jones left the show over a dispute with the producers. They wanted him to have an unshaven look, but Jones had grown a beard, which they ordered him to get rid of.

Manimal’s crossover led me to discover that Ben Jones was a man of true beard conviction. The internet truly is a wonderful thing.