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The Man Behind the Mountain

On occasion, I like to find some cool artists on the web and bring them to your attention here. It occurred to me that there’s one guy I’ve never done that for in over 300 posts here at the blog and that’s Bill Wiist, the man who drew the picture of us that’s been on the blog since almost the beginning.

I think Bill and I met many years ago at a convention through a mutual friend of ours…I can’t remember for sure. However, it was about 11 years ago or so that met Bill online at Chuck Dixon’s message board. Through the interactions on the message board, we became cyber-friends and eventually began working on projects together.

Bill self-published a couple issues of a comic called “The Von Fange Brothers” back in the mid-90s. We briefly relaunched the characters in a variety of places including our very own self-published book. Not only that, I took one of the short stories we did together and produced a movie based on it.  But this isn’t about me…

Bill draws, paints, designs, and writes in all sorts of styles.  He has an impressive body of work, some of which you can see at his blog and/or flickr site.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m one of Bill’s biggest fans and I greatly appreciate him taking the time to paint the Mount Rushmore of Nerdom for us.

One of Bill’s most recent paintings started out by a suggestion from me and I think it turned out great! He also did a series of daily sketches that he posted on his blog for awhile that included a really cool shot of Rocky. He’s also done artwork for some fake Aurora model kit boxes including one for Doc Savage.

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