Last time, we introduced Cordy and ran the first of his two part series where he began deconstructing childrens shows from the Nerd point-of-view. Cordy is back with a look at another show. Who knows…if enough people like this topic, maybe we’ll have Cordy come back and do this again.

Imagination Movers

The job of these four guys is to solve problems for other people. Once again, I love this show but there are just some things I would absolutely LOVE to point out to my children.

If you’ve ever seen the size of their warehouse you know they have got to have a tremendous amount of rent to pay and yet I have never seen anyone render any sort of compensation for their services. In the real world these guys would have been laughed out of the bank to which they went to acquire their startup capital. “You want to use your imaginations to help people with their problems? How about you try to imagine yourselves with enough cash to rent this warehouse and renovate it into the hundreds of rooms you think you are going to need because we here at Chase Bank think your business plan has a few holes in it.”

Aside from the far-fetched business aspects of the Movers they seem to be sporting some pretty advanced technology. Dave (you know, the guy underneath the red hat) seems to be able to pull anything, regardless of size, out of his hat. More TARDIS-like technology? I have seen this guy pull everything from a slice of pizza to a snow shovel out of that thing. Not only does there seem to be a nearly infinite amount of storage space in the hat, everything it contains seems to be pretty well organized and well within easy reach. Maybe it’s not so much like a TARDIS as it is like a Bag of Holding in D&D.

One of the other Movers, Scott, has the goggles that help him see far. That’s not all they do, though. Along with their magnification qualities these goggles have allowed Scott to see through walls. They never explain how the goggles do this and since I’ve never seen anyone on the show wearing lead-lined garments I can only assume they operate on a principle other than x-rays. Get this: the goggles can also allow Scott to see smells. How exactly can you see smells? Are the goggles magnifying the scent particles to the point that Scott can visibly track them through the air? If that is the case the goggles must have some sort of simultaneous micro/macro picture-in-picture ability so Scott can view the magnified particles and see everything else in normal mode, allowing him to walk around unimpeded.

I know the rest of you nerd parents are in the same boat. I just might have to start innocently asking my kids about some of these things to see what they have to say. Maybe in a couple of years when I mention TARDIS to them and they stare back at me blankly I can guide them over to my DVDs and introduce them to Dr. Who and see what they think.


Thanks, Cordy for this great topic. There are certainly a lot more shows that could get this treatment in the future. Christian already mentioned Handy Manny the yesterday. Any other suggestions for future useless analysis? Meanwhile, follow Cordy on the Twitter or check out his blog.