I once gave you step-by-step instructions for the Double Meat Sandwich. I love doing these mash-ups and learned of a couple recently, one that I jumped on immediately and the other I have yet to try. My sources for both prove that I have definitely become as much of a social media junkie as I have a fast food junkie.

Over on our page on the Facebook, one of our fans posted about the Mc10:35 where an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble are combined. I have yet to try this, but it shall be done soon! On the Twitter, one of the folks I follow on my “professional” account tweeted about doing what he called a “Filet’o McDouble.” Thanks to Easter and all that goes with it, McDonald’s has their Filet-o-Fish sandwiches on sale this time a year and I knew I had to jump on this fast if I wanted to take advantage of the price break.

Same deal as the Double Meat Sandwich, my instructions call for removing both bottom buns and then combining the innards and top bun into one big sandwich. Here are pictures documenting the process:

This was not as good as the Double Meat Sandwich, but surprisingly tasty. I love the McDonald’s tartar sauce. I wish I could buy a jar of that. I would put it on every sandwich I ate.

Someone remind me that I want to combine a McChicken and Filet-o-Fish next year. And maybe, if I’m feeling really daring, all three.