Sadly I missed the first Dewmocracy, although I have sampled the winner Mountain Dew Voltage which is okay, but nothing I’m going to seek out ever again. I would like to have tried the other flavors, particularly the strawberry flavor. Jeeg and I both have a passion for strawberry soda and I’d like to see Mountain Dew take a crack at it.

The newest edition of Dewmocracy started recently and thanks to my pal Marc, I was able to partake of a little taste test of the new flavors.

White Out
We started out with this one. It is described as a “smooth citrus” flavor. Let me tell you that I would not use the word “smooth” to describe this. And as far as flavor, it hardly had any. It was like drinking a 7-Up or Squirt that had been distilled with seltzer water. After drinking it, it instantly ended up in third place. The other two would have to be really bad for this to get bumped up a spot.
Next up was this Dew described as “lime blasted.” And my understanding is that lime is a citrus flavor so now I immediately see this as redundant. And, it was really only a slightly more potent version of what I had just drank. Not too impressive either.
With the previous two not doing too well, it seemed like before even trying this flavor that Typhoon would come out the winner. It was described as having a “punch of tropical” and going into this taste test, it was the one I was most looking forward to trying. Maybe that anticipation only set me up for disappointment because while Typhoon was the best of the three, I did not like this flavor either.

All in all, I’ll call this Don’t-mocracy. All three were disappointing and even worse than the Taco Bell-exclusive Baja Blast flavor which I cannot stand. Stick with the original and maybe an occasional Code Red and you’ll be dewing just fine.

However, in the interest of fairness to Mountain Dew, I offer this link to a more positive review of the flavors from my Twitter pal Paxton Holley over at the Cavalcade of Awesome. He is generally more favorable to the flavors so in the immortal words of Levar Burton, “Don’t just take my word for it.”