My plan is to finally see The A-Team movie tomorrow morning. While I’m looking forward to seeing the movie, there is some sadness that going to see it brings as well. Long-time readers of the blog know that I’ve been working on an A-Team movie in my head for a long time now. I’ve “cast” the movie, come up with directors and such, and am just generally more passionate about this property than I should be.

I’m not delusional. I knew that I would never get to actually make MY A-Team movie, but whenever someone says to me “go to your happy place,” that’s where I go. I go to MY A-Team movie.

I have a feeling that seeing the new movie will ultimately cause me to no longer be able to visit that happy place untainted. No longer will I be able to envision the movie as I see it without little bits of the real movie finding their way into it. It’s like listening to a song and coming up with your own visuals for it, but then seeing the music video and losing your own vision.

So tonight, when I lay in bed ready to go to sleep, I’ll visit MY A-Team movie one last time and then it will be time to let go and try to enjoy the new movie for what it is. If that doesn’t work, I’ll always have my complete series on DVD.