Despite having a bit of advance warning on this challenge, I’ve still had the hardest time coming up with what I think is a good pitch. Those who know me may find this to be a bit “Mary Sue.” Maybe it is. I don’t care.

Scott Curtis is just a regular guy like you or me. The only difference is that the world he lives in is completely different than ours. He lives in a world that resembles the DC or Marvel Universes. In his world, anything can happen. Super heroes battling villains in the sky are just as common as thunderstorms. Alien invasions? He’s lived through four. Mutants, robots, monsters…all that stuff is real. So how does a guy who works at a publishing house deal with living in that world?

That question is answered in “Just Another Day,” the story of the common man in a not-so-common world.

Capitalizing on the popularity of “The Office,” the heart of this story is about Scott and his co-workers. But instead of just dealing with schedules and clients, they still have to make deadline while still dealing with evil twins, time travel, and malfunctioning robot officemates. Just to give it that so-called needed romance angle, Scott also wrestles with Destiny, literally, as he tries to woo the affections of a female coworker.

The cast of characters would feature several normal people, but a few “uncommons” as well. There would be a robot on staff as well as a fantasy character like a dwarf. Each episode would feature a main storyline as well as a subplot or two. In some ways, this could be viewed as how regular people would handle being thrust into the situations you see on the Star Trek series. What would you do one day if your car somehow achieved sentience?

(Eventually, this show could lead into a spin-off concept that PLee and I have discussed before called Retcons, Inc. where regular people can hire a specialized company to go back in time and fix mistakes. In sort of a Fantasy Island sort of way, the fixes wouldn’t necessarily be for the better.)

There wouldn’t be a big need for lots of special effects. The big stuff could happen off screen. The stories on this show wouldn’t be related to the “big heroes” of the universe, or only tangentially if they are.

Scott would need to be played by a 20ish guy who looks rather plain. Someone like a John Krasinski. If we’re going for an established name, Sean Maher might be a good choice, but I’d want to focus on the next star here and cast a name for one of the other parts. I could make a whole list of actors I’d love to see show up on this show, but I’ll not. That could be a whole other post, really.