It’s “Big Trouble in Little China” meets “Power Man and Iron Fist” meets “Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.”

MMA superstar / B.A. 2.0 Quentin “Rampage” Jackson is Luther Brown, a tough-as-nails cop trained in the underground African-American streetfighting system called 52.

Sith Lord / toad struck by lightning / Real American Hero Ray Park is Jamie McAlister, Scotland-born, China-raised (long story) acolyte of the Jade Warriors, a secret society of rogue Shaolin sworn to oppose the Immortal Xan, a legendary evil mastermind in the Fu Manchu mold.

Together . . . they fight crime! They set up shop as private detectives in NYC’s Chinatown (which looks a lot like British Columbia).

I always enjoy genre fiction where one or more of the characters don’t quite understand what kind of a movie they’re in. Jack Burton from “Big Trouble” is the classic example — he thinks he’s the hero in a Charles Bronson movie, when he’s actually the sidekick in a Shaw Brothers kung fu movie. This show could have it both ways — sometimes it’s a mystical kung fu fantasy co-starring a guy from the Lower East Side with a baseball bat and a bad attitude, other times it’s “Shaft: The Series” co-starring an enigmatic kung-fu warrior.

While I would want the Immortal Xan [Cary Tagawa in a recurring role] to be a genuine threat, I’d also like to see some humor as the extremely old-school “Yellow Menace” tries to adapt to the 21st century. Perhaps give him a slacker Gen Y son and go for a Dr. Evil / Scott Evil dynamic.