PLee threw down the challenge and it was such an awesome challenge that we decided to extend it to a couple friends. Today and tomorrow we have guest posts by some guys who answered the challenge. First up, our old pal Cordy returns with a submission.

Power Ties: A comedy of heroic proportions

Power Ties takes place in a world not unlike our own but with one small difference: super-powered individuals exist. They are among us and, just like us, they have to work in order to get paid. That is, unless they are villains.  If you threw Fred Savage’s “Working”, Jeffrey DeRego’s “Union Dues” series of short stories and “Better Off Ted” into a blender, the resulting concoction would be “Power Ties”.

Ties follows the often humorous exploits of the employees of the country’s second largest super hero firm.  Focusing mainly on the day-to-day trials and tribulations of the non-powered workers the show will depict not only the difficulties of working for a large company but also the utter inability of the heroes to interact with “normal” people.

Even though the heroes exist in the Power Ties world, they are not typically the main characters.  You will see them in every show and may even see their powers being displayed but their characters are not meant to steal the show.  They will act more as the foil to the unpowered peons of the company.  

Recurring themes:
The Human Resources department is constantly trying to teach the heroes to interact with the other workers on a more personal level by holding mandatory training sessions and meetings.  

The super heroes will constantly step in and try to “save” the other employees in non-crisis situations such as when the fax machine malfunctions or that bag of M&Ms just will not fall in the candy machine.

The company’s Janitorial and Maintenance department is constantly kept busy making repairs by the careless and super-strong heroes.  

Former villain masterminds who have been rehabilitated (for the most part) and work for the company. The villains could be confined to the office and not allowed out on field work while under probation. They would be notorious for going off on long, monologue-esque rants, explaining everything they have planned for their department in excruciating detail.

Commercial tag lines:

  • Have you ever tried calling in sick to the guy who is invulnerable?
  • Having your work done on time is still not quite good enough when you report to the fastest woman in the world.
  • Try having an intelligible discussion when your boss can see 15 seconds into the future.

Although I cannot really envision any particular actors for any of the roles “Power Ties” leaves an  room open for guest stars from every medium known to nerd-dom: comics, movies, television and the internet.  I would love to see Patrick Warburton make an appearance or two.  There could also be recurring guest spots for such notables as Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno.  Also, since a majority of the scenes will take place inside the office “Power Ties” will be very cheap to film.

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