Now with real hillbilly action! Back in early summer, CT expressed his disappointment in the new Mountain Dew flavors which were part of the Dewmocracy  campaign. Another gimmick from our friends at Pepsi is the Throwback line of vintage formulas. Mountain Dew Throwback replaces the extreme sports branding with original hillbilly styling and the high fructose corn syrup with sugar.


It took forever for Throwback products to show up on the shelves of my local mega-mart, but I grabbed a 12 pack of Dew as soon as they did. My curiosity has been building about old school formulas, given all the raves I have heard about Kosher Coke and Dublin Dr. Pepper. I was almost expecting some sort of transcendent pop (yes, that’s what we call it in Illinois) experience, but sadly I had my hopes set too high. The citrusy flavor of the Throwback seemed slightly muted compared to conventional Dew, but other than that I could not detect any difference. Both Dews are tasty, radioactive green, and go down smooth. Perhaps my palate has been ruined by growing up in the Midwest during the corn syrup era or perhaps this “real sugar” retro craze of overhyped. Either way, I’ll be saving the 50% price premium and sticking with the 21st century Dew that I grew up with.