Hey, CT here. First off, I’ve got to tell you that I’m loving this series of posts. We decided to extend the invitation to a couple friends and this week-long series is going to spill over a bit into next week as a result. Last week I had the pleasure to join The Atomic Geeks on episode 84 of their podcast. Today, one of the Geeks have decided to return the favor and join in on PLee’s . We welcome Christian Nielsen to submit his pitch…
Unbeknownst to many, the city of Detroit is the epicentre of all that is supernatural on the planet earth. Magic, demons, all things metaphysical and otherwise has woven its way through all levels of existence in the city but is only detectable by those “in the know.” Lester Van Helsing is obviously one of these people.
Lester, although estranged from his family is definitely not lacking in experience in dealing with the supernatural. He has a long mysterious history of battling magical forces of evil and otherwise. Currently he works for a strange bail bonds office with his rookie partner Francis Stone. Lester & Frank make their living hunting down fugitives who have not honoured their “contracts”, no questions asked.
So how do I explain this? It’s essentially cop buddy show without the confines of being a cop. Lester & Frank are essentially bounty hunters and bounty hunters play by different rules. 
Lester of course plays the role of the hardened veteran. Just on the cusp of being past his prime. He lives on a houseboat, drives a pickup truck and plays his cards close to his chest. Always. He used to fight evil with his family but now he doesn’t for some unknown reason. He’s the typical gruff, sarcastic s.o.b with a heart of gold. Partnering up with a rookie for the first time in his career for some unknown reason. He’s a bounty hunter now and ekes out his existence one bounty at a time. 
His partner John has a small amount of experience with criminal elements but is just being introduced to the secret world of Detroit. He’s your typical act first, think later rookie. His partners last name is known to him and fills him with questions. Essentially Frank asks the questions we all want to ask. He fills in the blanks for the viewer on what exactly is going on in Detroit.
Some important secondary characters also play a big part of the show. The mysterious brothers who run the bail bonds office. The attractive librarian who helps with information from time to time. The police detective who has an inkling of what goes on behind the scenes As well as Lester’s relatives who still maintain a presence in the city questioning Lester’s tactics and loyalties.
The thing I like about this idea, despite the sheer volume of action, excitement and sarcastic wit, is the pertinent unanswered questions that travel from story to story. Why doesn’t Lester work with his family anymore? What happened? Why does Lester take Frank on as his partner? What’s the real story behind the bail bonds office and the brothers who run it? What is the real deal with these contracts and bounties? These are questions that eventually get answered leading to more questions and radical story changes.
I see this show as a combination of The Rockford Files, a good dose of Buffy and T.J. Hooker. Sarcastic comments, mystery, good action and Lester hanging on to the hood of a speeding car.