Roswell Ave

Private investigator Rick Borden (Kevin Sorbo) was hit hard by the recession. Detective work dried up, his investigation business went under, and he had to apply for a job at Roswell Avenue Investigations. The agency is a relative unknown in Seattle and quirky, but it’s something to pay the bills. Rick thinks taking orders from a partner 20 years his junior, Grace Choi (Linda Park), will be his biggest problem, but he’s wrong.


Sorbo is READY!Roswell Avenue isn’t your run of the mill private detective agency. Along with a few other specialized agencies around the world, Roswell Avenue discreetly handles only a very special cases. Cases like

  • a werewolf who thinks his wife is cheating on him with the vampire down the street
  • Rasputin disappearing with a corporation’s latest subliminal advertising system
  • a con-artist leprechaun who poses as a foster child to steal money from wealthy parents
  • or a murder seemly committed by the Chinese god of thunder Lei Gong


Completing the staff at the Roswell Avenue office is Parker Mason (a twenty something unknown that looks suitably computer geeky), who manages the office and conducts case research. The head of Roswell Avenue Investigations, Andrew Tunney (Jeffrey Combs), gives case assignments and provides direction via videoconference/phone ala Charles Townsend. For recurring characters, it would be great to introduce Grace’s weird uncle (George Takei or Clyde Kusatsu) who is also in the business of supernatural investigating, Rick’s college aged kid or ex-wife to add some real world grounding, and an occasional detective from another agency branch (Katee Sackhoff would be first on my list).


It’s Simon & Simon meets The X-Files. Rick is an off the cuff investigator in the mode of a Jim Rockford or Thomas Magnum while Grace is by the book as she knows one wrong move can get you possessed by a demon or turned into stone. At the same time, Rick has to deal with a supernatural world he never knew existed and can hardly believe. How could he not have known about all this paranormal activity and why would Roswell Avenue choose to let him in on the secret?