This is cheating because it’s not scripted television, but this isn’t exactly reality television either and I think it has potential.

I don’t know how real the rumor was, but several years ago, I recall reading that Bruce Campbell had been approached about the [then] Sci-Fi Network to host a late night talk show. This was back when there was a huge explosions of talk shows and every channel had to have their own. As a Bruce Campbell fan, I would have loved it, but just as many of those shows faded away, I don’t think “The Sci-Fi Bruce Campbell Show” would have lasted very long. Although he has a better chin than certain other talk show hosts.

We’re in an interesting time now where content can be created by anyone. And if that ‘anyone’ happens to know some cool people and have lots of good connections, they can put together some great content in the form of podcasts and web videos. One such person who has been doing this for nearly a year now is Chris Hardwick. If you’re not familiar with him, don’t feel bad. I really wasn’t either. He’s probably a “That Guy” to you. Or maybe, you’ve heard of The Nerdist podcast and know exactly who I’m talking about.

With Conan on his way back to late night and a slew of established shows already going, SyFy would be fools to try to break into that genre of television with a conventional “sit behind a desk” format. They’d have to go with something unconventional and Chris Hardwick would be just the guy to do it. On his Nerdist podcast, he’s had some great guests of high caliber, but he’s also had some under-the-radar guests such as a sci-fi novelist or niche comedians.

The show could start out as specials or just weekly and then grow into a nightly schedule if it took off. A huge, self-proclaimed nerd, Hardwick would be the perfect host for this type of show on Syfy by being able to make Doctor Who or LOST references at the drop of a hat. He’s got a long career of being on camera and brings with him a great deal of nerd cred making him the ideal host. Plus, he already has built-in nerdy sidekicks Jonah Ray and Matt Mira whom he has a great rapport with.

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