Seems every year we’ve done a post giving you some ideas for what you could get that special nerd in your life for Christmas. This year, I thought I’d do that again. However, this year, instead of listing out some things you can get at Walmart or Amazon, I thought I’d give you some ideas for more unique gifts that may not be as obvious.

First up…Brain Wash Soap

One of the best parts about taking showers is that is where I get all my ideas. I sometimes wish I could set up a computer in there and do all my work there. Maybe that’s why soap in the shape of a brain appeals to me. I feel like that’s where my brain works best.

At Luxury Lane Soap, you can get more than just brain soap. There are tons of fun shapes to be had.

Next…Crocheted Cthulhu

Teddy bears are cool and all, but I gotta think by this point, they’ve had their run. Time for stuffed Cthulhus to have a shot at earning a spot in your child’s heart.

Check out Cthulhu Chick’s shop on Etsy for all kinds of cuddly Cthulhus.

And then…redMod or LimeLantern Power Rings

Get your very own Power Ring. No Lantern Needed! These cool rings have a power emblem embossed on them and come in green and red colors.

Check out shinyLines for those and even more jewelry and apparel.

And hey…Nerd Lunch Merchandise

Why not support your favorite blog and pick up some Nerd Lunch apparel or drink ware? The fabulous logo designed by Nerd Lunch staffer Gus McGroarty can be beautifully applied to many different items and then you can wear or carry said items around town. It’ll increase your wealth, health and power in community.


Not necessarily a nerd item and likely not something you can sign up for before Christmas, but check out Stitched by Janay, my wife’s sewing blog, for ideas for custom embroidery. She can do nerdy things if you ask her to although her scope is much beyond just the realm of nerdom.