I had the opportunity a few months back to review the new Wendy’s Natural Cut Fries and this led to another opportunity to once again review a product for Wendy’s. This time they asked me to try their new Asiago Ranch Chicken Club. I chose to get the Homestyle.

The website description for this sandwich goes a little something like this:

These aren’t some boring ol’ chicken sandwiches. Meet Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Chicken Clubs – tender, all-white meat chicken fillets topped with thick-cut Applewood Smoked Bacon, natural-aged Asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, hand-leafed lettuce, and hand-chopped tomatoes. Try one of these bold, new clubs in Spicy, Homestyle or Grilled.

I would agree. This was no boring ol’ chicken sandwich. However, the chicken fillet seemed different from the last time I got a chicken sandwich and I think I preferred the old version of the fillet better. When I go to Wendy’s I usually get burgers, so 1) this change may have occurred a long time ago and I just hadn’t noticed and 2) this change doesn’t affect me a great deal and I did still like this newer fillet quite a bit.

Based on the pictures in the restaurant, I had expected the fancier bun. I got the regular bun. I think this sandwich could have used the thicker bun, but it was fine as it was.

My other critique would be the ranch sauce. It was a good flavor, but I wish it had been a creamier, thicker ranch sauce instead of what was on the sandwich.

Over all, it was a good combination of flavors. Again, I’m more of a burger guy when it comes to Wendy’s, but if I get it again, I’d like to get the Spicy. In fact, I regret not getting it as a Spicy this last time.

Thanks for giving me the chance to try this sandwich, Wendy’s!