sundrop_bottleIn preparing for my recent movie watching spree with buddies, a 2 liter bottle of Sun Drop soda made it into my shopping cart. Sun Drop is a citrus flavored pop that until recently was only available in the Midwest. Dr. Pepper/Seven Up has decided to take the Sun Drop brand national and my local food mart was handing out freebies as part of the rollout.


Sun Drop’s main competitors are clearly Mountain Dew and Mello Yello. Interestingly enough, all three occupy different spots on the spectrum. Sun Drop has the most citrus flavor and bite, Dew is the least citrusy and smoothest drinking, and Mello Yello falls somewhere in the middle. My personal preference is still the silky smoothness of Mountain Dew, but those who prefer a bit more kick to the flavor, like Squirt, should definitely give Sun Drop a try.