I recently heard from our friends at Wendy’s again. They were sharing some news that they recently conducted a national taste test where consumers said Wendy’s new fries (the ones they asked me to review back in November) taste better than McDonald’s fries. (More on the survey can be found here.) Then they threw down the challenge to conduct a taste test of my own with me and four of my friends. So, I heeded the call and did just that.

Taste test at the office

I conducted the taste test at the office of my day job and my wife voiced her opinion as well. Five out of five taste testers preferred the Wendy’s fries to the McDonald’s fries. One of our five seemed to take longer to decide and had an affinity for the McDonald’s fries, but still ultimately decided the Wendy’s fries were better.

Here’s the thing I’ve always thought about McDonald’s fries…fresh out of the grease, they do taste mighty good. After about two minutes, they quickly deteriorate. The “half-life” on McDonald’s fries is not very long. And if they get too cold, they are inedible. Other fries, such as Wendy’s fries, aren’t necessarily good when they are colder, but still are edible.

Even still, this contest was piping hot fry versus piping hot fry. For me, it was no contest. Wendy’s fries taste like potatoes. McDonald’s fries must be akin to what it’s like eating replicator food on the Enterprise. They taste sort of like potatoes, but not real ones.

So, thanks again to Sarah for asking us to participate. We love our friends at Wendy’s and are always willing to help out when we can.