Between Paxton Holley over at The Cavalcade of Awesome and myself, it’s possible we’ve written more about our visit to the Tallahassee Antique Auto Museum than any visitors have ever written before. I could be wrong though. On Monday, Paxton gave a thorough review of the cars in the museum. I followed up on Tuesday with a general overview of the entire museum. Then yesterday, Paxton returned with some thoughts about the non-auto stuff in the museum. Since my overview was less detailed, I thought I would follow up today with just a few photos that didn’t make the cut for Tuesday’s article.

“Uh oh, I hope I have insurance,” thought Paxton.
The Walmart edition of the giant Arthur doll was on display.
The museum held the hearse that allegedly carried Lincoln to his tomb.
The museum was home to several guns including this U.S. Post Office sidearm.
I feel better knowing that NASA gives these knives to their astronauts. I assume in case of alien attacks and whatnot.
There were a lot, and I mean hundreds (or more) knives in this museu. This was the closest thing to a Klingon knife in the place. Disappointing.
This made me nostalgic for KayBee toys, the only reason I ever really liked going to the mall.
For NightMan, Jr.
I don’t know what this was, but it was nice and steampunkish.
I’d be more inclined to mow my lawn more often if I owned this lawnmower.

Tomorrow, Paxton wraps up the series where he talks about his “Showdown with the Double Down.” And, look for a Facebook and/or Google+ album of these photos and more soon.